Terminology Is Important

Terminology is very important.

God is a god………. “god is human as we are.”, “He was immortal, ancient and of giant size, like the celestial sons.”

Creation is not god. (small g due to indoctrination) “Creation is the immeasurable secret.”

At least a portion of this paragraph is incorrect:

Everybody needs love. Even Creation needs love. If there is a sympathy that is love, Creation, I give it to you now.

Talk is cheap – “Yes I’m cashin’ in this ten cent life for another one.”

I can’t presume to tell Creation what to do. I can’t presume to tell god what to do.

About God

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God is a god.

1:90 “There is no form comparable to him for this human race created by him; therefore, people should have no other gods besides him, who created other human races in other parts of the earth.

“because god is human as we are.”

If you want to be a better human, man or woman, call on god.

Gender problems? Talk to your spirit…… You can talk to god too.

16:54 “People are ignorant and immature because they consider god as Creation and follow the false teachings that were adulterated by scribal distorters.

16:55 “Thus, when people believe in god, they do not know about the truth of Creation, because god is human as we are.

16:56 “There is a difference, however, that in his consciousness and wisdom, logic and love he is a thousand times greater than we and greater than all people upon this earth.

16:57 “But he is not Creation, which is infinite and without any form.

16:58 “Thus, god is also a creature of the Creation, which , according to illogical human judgment, has no beginning and no end.”

16:47 They stepped into the boat, and Jmmanuel commanded the storm to stop. It abated, and the winds ceased.

16:48 Those who were in the boat marveled and said, “you are indeed a master of the spirit and someone who knows the laws of Creation.

16:49 “No one like you has ever been born, nor has any prophet known to us had such power.”

16:50 But Jmmanuel answered, “I tell you there are greater masters of spiritual power than I, and they are our distant ancestors of Petale [the mental plane close to Creation].

16:51 And great are they also, those who came out of space, and the greatest among them is god, and he is the spiritual ruler of three human races.

16:52 “But above him is Creation whose laws he faithfully follows and respects; therefore he is not omnipotent, as only Creation itself can be.

16:53 “Thus there are limits for him who allows himself to be called god and who is above emperors and kings, as the word says.

4:33 “Jmmanuel, you are in on the secret, begotten from among our ranks by a celestial son.

4:34 “With your knowledge you will make the impossible possible and accomplish things that the human races will attest to as miracles.

4:35 “You know the power of the spirit, but beware of abusing it.

4:36 “Your own wisdom and knowledge obtained through us will contribute to the well-being of the human races, though the road leading thereto will be very difficult for them and you.

4:37 “You will be misunderstood and renounced, because the human races are still ignorant and given to superstition.

4:38 “They believe that god is Creation itself and not the ruler of the celestial sons and these human races.

4:39 “Earth people attribute to him the omnipotence of Creation and glorify him as Creation itself.

4:40 “But god is a person, like all the celestial sons and the human races, except vastly greater in consciousness than they.

4:41 “Creation, however, is of immeasurably higher standing than god, the lord over the celestial sons and human races, because Creation is the immeasurable secret.


Various of all systems (tools and techniques) of truth, knowledge and wisdom are given by god and the celestial sons.