USS Liberty

In June 1968 (’67 now), Israel’s best friend, USA was working in conjunction with Israel spying on. The spy ship used in that endeavor was the USS Liberty off the coast of Egypt in international waters.

Mr. Heaton: Hello, thank you for watching Forgotten History. Once again this is Colin Heaton your humble host. And uh, in a subsequent follow-up to our USS Liberty video, we have the great privilege of interviewing Mr. Phil Tourney who was on the Liberty and is a survivor and he can give his first person perspective which should deflate some of the negative comments we had about the video and uh, there’s nothing like going straight to the source. And on that note I introduce Mr. Phil Tourney and he will tell us about uh, himself and what he was doing on that mission.

Mr. Tourney: Yes sir, thank you Colin for the invite and my my name again is Philip F Tourney. I was a third class petty officer in damage control, June 8th 1967, that was my GQ station, General Quarters.

About uh 15 minutes before the attack, we had just secured from General Quarters which was a drill we did out at sea for different situations, chemical, biological, boarding ship, things like this. That particular day it happened to be chemical was, and so we’re pretending like we were washing down the ship with, uh saltwater and it was very very hot that day. I almost passed out in my impregnated suit, which is supposed to protect you from chemicals, uh, who knows. Anyway uh, I secured for my General Quarters stations. I knew the sound powered phones were working on the starboard gun mount. I got an I-seaman up there, David Scolack to get the sound part phones working which is uh internal communications of the ship. Uh, I left that area, uh, I don’t know, about 45 seconds before the attack started.

At that moment when the attack started, the USS Liberty had been surveilled many many times by the Israeli Air Force uh identifying our ship. They waved at us and we waved at them. But, anyway the attacks started around 2:00 PM. The two men I had just left in the forward gun mount were blown to bits, blown completely to bits. Every antenna on that ship, ship was hit within about 3 or 4 seconds they were all down. We had no, no communication with the outside world. We had no uh ways to defend ourselves. They took out our four .50 caliber machine guns with their attacking jet aircraft, Mystere and Mirage jets that attacked our ship for approximately 25 to 30 minutes, killing and wounding as many people as they could on deck.

We thought the attack might be over when the airplanes left. But little did we know, And we didn’t know who was attacking us Colin. We had no idea who was attacking us. We thought we had to be the Arabs, because Israel was our best buddies in the whole wide world. Why would they want to attack us? In fact, we were happy to see them fly over us. We’d wave and, oh they’d wave and drop their wings and very friendly, very friendly attitude. We didn’t know who was attacking as I said before. And we didn’t understand who was attacking us until the torpedo boats got there. Three torpedo boats, flying the star of David. We thought they were coming there to help us.

No, they were coming there to kill the rest of us and sink our ship. They fired five torpedoes at us. Four missed by the grace of God. One did hit a little bit forward midships. 25 American sailors, Marines, National Security Agency, CIA Personnel were blown to bits in the blink of an eye. The torpedo picked our ship up completely up out of the water. And it came back down slamming and slamming and slamming and went to the right, to the starboard side, and I thought, “Oh oh, here we go, it’s going to roll over.” And it just stopped. Just stopped.

We put over what life rafts we did have. We only had three life rafts left. For a crew of 294 souls we only had three left. We were gonna, Because they shot ’em all up. They shot our life rafts up or they burned them up with napalm. That’s how ruthless it was. When we put the life rafts over, they shot two out of the water and took one aboard their boat as a trophy of their kill. The Israelis did. They circled the ship and circled the ship, machine gunning fire fighters, stretcher bearers, anything that moved to destroy our ship. They did it.

We thought the attack was over again. No, the attack was not over. They sent troop carrying helicopters to finish us off. Israeli Marines ready to board our ship. And all of a sudden they just left, they just left. I assume that the jig was up, that they had been caught and… And they did get caught! They couldn’t sink us like they planned with the blessings of our government, LBJ. From his government on to the Biden government, and all congresses in between have never lifted a finger to get an investigation we’ve been hollering for for 56 years because they’re afraid offending their ally Israel.

So that’s pretty much the attack, but uh, they did, There was 850 rocket (aside: I keep putting it un-bold type, but it comes back bold. You want justice? I can but imagine how god and the celestial sons are about it.) holes and cannon holes in the ship. Over 5,000 armor piercing bullets in this ship. Napalm burning us up. Approximately a 40 X 40 foot hole in the starboard side. Listing badly. We never received any help from our government. Little did we know that aircraft were sent from the USS Saratoga by Captain Joe Tully and USS America captain, uh Captain Engin.

They did send aircraft to come help us but they were recalled. If they would have allowed the aircraft to get to our site, they would have driven off the torpedo boats and 25 Americans (Aside: Their deaths were not in vain. Who do you think kept the ship from sinking?) lives would have been spared, young men, 18, 20, 21, 25 year old young men blown to bits instantly. (Aside: I underlined “instantly” but they took it off when I transferred it over here. Maybe I should take the aside off too.) Our government left us out there for 17 hours. They were hoping we’d sink that night.

It was nothing but chaos that night, bodies everywhere bleeding, being patched up by Doc Kiefer. I helped with one operation on the, in the sick bay. 7:02.

The prophets of god are sent to Earth for the benefit of humanity and Earth. And Israel, you murder the prophets of god! Israel, are you trying to murder god? And then you falsify the prophet’s teachings, thus calling the prophets liars and calling god a liar. Israel, are you trying to pick a fight with god?

Israel, god is a thousand times greater than we and greater than all people on this earth. A thousand times greater! is it David and Goliath? But you can’t be David. David was on god’s side, and you Israel are calling god a liar and trying to murder(?) god. God was/is on David’s side, even if you hijack his star for your flag. You murder the prophets and call god* a liar.

*small g due to indoctrination

I guess you could say its serious. What? You don’t want to laugh about it?

Pre-2023 Research.

The Jews owned the slave ships. 1000 A.D. slave ships were filling up with slaves from the Caribbean Islands. Some slave ships “probably reached America mainlands but never made it out alive.” Good work.

In the USA only 1% of the whites had slaves, but 40% of the Jews owned slaves. What percentage of the Jews in America were white? Probably the vast majority of them. The non-Jew whites in America could have been less than one fortieth of one percent.

It could have been as low as .025% of whites owning slaves in USA! Yet the media says, “The whites owned the slaves.” No mention of the Jews owning the vast majority of the slaves. The Jews ran the media and the white man for the slavery. Whose to blame for the slavery? The Jews owned the slave ships. The Jews owned the slaves.

The Jews always go for the highest positions they can, in government and everywhere else they feel is important.They represent 2 or 3% of populations, yet traditionally they run 79% of governments, or more. And they own the medias and Jews never take responsibility when they do the evil deeds. In their media, they are never to blame. They always find a scapegoat to pin it on. Their go-to for shifting attention away is always: “Are you antisemitic?” (Ask me if I’m anticriminal. Do all Jews have semitic blood in them? Maybe so. Maybe so.) In their media stories the Jews are squeaky clean. Nothing could be farther from the truth. (They are as far from the truth as they can get. Always. All ways.)

They corrupt everything they can. It’s always been that way. It was Berentein Bears (pronounced Berensteen.) Many people know that. Masses of people having the same memory glitch? That is not plausible. Some say, “It’s the Berenstain Bears. It’s always been that way.” Berenstein to Berenstain. They stain everything they can. It’s always been that way.……..Berenstain…… Creation did that!

Check for example, the video with title: “The Mandela Effect: What in the HELL Is a “BerenSTAIN” Bear??” (note: not the same as the picture here.)

The Devil Has Horns

Moses has horns! On his head, Moses has horns now. The artists would have been burnt at the stake if they put horns on Moses’ head! The devil has horns on his head, not a deity. Creation put horns on Moses’ head, Creation, the immeasurable secret.

Moses led multitudes, many many multitudes of people into the wilderness. And 40 years later it was desert. The devil has horns on his head. Ref. First 3 blog posts.

Solution. Incest gene could be defined as “Offspring born from having sex with: immediate family, cousins or 2nd cousins.” For safety of the planet and the human race, many countries could apply the law, “Anybody with the incest gene be permanently sterilized.”

That would not go well with countries of the Middle East, including Israel, parts of Africa, and other parts of the world. They will fight to the death for their right to surviveanddestroy the planet.

Myriad sane Families Are Against Incest

We need good leaders and personal responsibility of the citizenry applying the correct laws.

Perfection of the spirit

21:22 “Don’t worry about the future, when the false teaching is spread that people have to perfect themselves in spirit once more because they have fallen away from Creation.

21:23 “Beware of this false teaching because it is wrong to the last dot on the ‘i’.

21:24 “Truly, truly, I say to you: Humanity was never perfect is spirit and so has never fallen away from Creation.

21:25 “Each person’s spirit is created individually for the task of perfecting itself and to reach wisdom.

Lion, King of the Jungle

The white race did not turn Africa and the Middle East into a sand desert! Indeed, 13,000 years ago, the white race turned it from a sand desert back into the land of milk and honey, back to the land of plenty. And it stayed that way for about 10,000 years or so. Then about 3,000 years ago they turned it into a desert again!

Lion, king of the jungle (tropical)

Lion, king of the forest. (forests)

There is no lion, king of the desert. That lion is extinct.


One word can be so ambiguous (at least in English.) Bloodline (heritage), part of the religion, characteristics and mannerisms. One person could have characteristics and mannerisms but not the other two and say, “No, I’m not part of their group, definitely not.” (or the opposite.) Meanwhile, other people will see them and say, “Oh yeah, that person is definitely part of their group.”

Others with the bloodline may say, “Well, if don’t have the bloodline they’re not part of our group, unless they marry a woman with our bloodline.”

Still others may say, “They have to be part of the religion to be called ‘that name.'”

The word can be very confusing. It’s like Zionists put it in place.

Towing the Zionist’s “party line” can be detrimental to a person’s health. But is that the cohesive factor for all those with “that name?”

The Faith of Peter

18:17 Jmmanuel came into the area of Caesarea Philippi and asked his disciples, “Who do the people say that I am?”

18:18 They said, “Some say that you are John the Baptist, others that you are Elijah and others again that you are Jeremiah or one of the old prophets.”

18:19 And he said to them, “But who do you say that I am?”

18:20 Simon Peter answered, “You are the prophesied Messiah and a son of the living god who is the spiritual ruler of three human races.”

18:21 Jmmanuel became angry and answered him, “Oh you unfortunate one, my teaching has not revealed that to you, because I instructed you in the truth.

18:22 “And I also tell you: You certainly are a faithful disciple, but your understanding must be compared to that of a child.

18:23 “You are Peter, and I cannot build my teachings on your rock. You will open the portals of ignorance, so that people will be overcome by your false interpretation of my teaching and will follow it and live according to falsified teachings.

18:24 “I cannot give you the key of the spiritual kingdom, otherwise you would open false locks and wrong portals with it.

18:25 “I am not the son of the spiritual ruler of three human races and therefore not the son of god, and so only Creation governs the spirit, but never a human being; therefore remove yourself from this erroneous teaching and learn the truth.

18:26 “My mother is Mary who conceived me through a guardian angel, a descendant of our ancestors from out of space, and my earthly father is Joseph who only acts as a father substitute.”

18:27 He threatened his disciples never to tell or wrongly assume such things and not to spread the false teaching of Peter.


12:20 “This earth can nourish and support five hundred million people of all the human races. But if these laws are not followed, in two thousand years ten times five hundred million people will exist, and the earth will not be able to support them any more.

12:21 “Famines, catastrophes, world wars and epidemics will control the earth and the human races will commit cuicide, with only a few surviving.

12:22 “Truly, I say to you: There will be wailing and chattering of teeth when so much human blood is shed upon the sands of the earth that new life forms will arise from it, which will bring the final horror to mankind.

12:23 “But on this day you have been allowed to receive all good things, and the laws have been given to you by which you should live.

Prior to 2023, this graph was dead on 5 billion people year 2000.

25:33 “Since the human races will at that time comprise far more than ten times five hundred million people, great parts of them will be eradicated and killed.

25:34 “This is what the law ordains, because people have violated it and will violate it again into the distant future.

This terminology might be better: B.C. as Before Cross (before the cross incident) and A.D. as After Cross or A.C. (Some say he died on the cross. Some say he didn’t. It is understood that with A.D. the D means death on the cross whether he actually died then or not.) With this perspective, Jmmanuel taught the masses from when he was 27 yrs old to 29 yrs old, so he taught for 2 years B.C. After A.D. (After the Cross) he wasn’t around the area anymore in his human body.

Con Men From India

Two guys came to the west usurping the positions of John the Baptist and Jmmanuel. The first one set up shop in the west in 1959, two locations, San Fransisco and London. Later, lavishly introduced on The Merv Griffin show quite a number of times.

“My master was Guru Dev…………….. And Guru Dev liked me the most.”
or was it this
“My master was Guru Dev…………….. And Guru Dev liked me(,) the best.”
No, it was this one (if there’s much difference)
“My master was Guru Dev…………….. And Guru Dev liked me the best.
King pin

Lonnie was the kingpin
Back in nineteen sixty-five
I was singing this song
When Lonnie came alive

Many believe that the early Beatles are the best Beatles and after a certain point some songs were “The Beatles taking a dump in (on the) public.”

And all those people saying, “Oh, the Beatles can do no wrong! All their songs are great!” You sound like cult members.

Lonnie swept the playroom
And he swallowed up all he found
It was forty-eight hours til
Lonnie came around

In June 2018 the videos were in front of me about the USS Liberty. That was June 8th, and it was 2018, the 50th remembrance anniversary of the attack on the USS Liberty. It was placed in my memory because it was 2018 for the rest of the year. 3 months after June 1968, the other guy from India comes over and sets up shop. Huge ego, could read people’s minds, could control large groups of people and did so. Very dynamic individual, no doubt about that.

The Big Ji

48 Hours – TV show 1988

Your traditions violate the laws of Creation. Why should we listen to you?

The Mother Land – The implications of his speeches are, “The mother land is so superior…………because it produced me.” That meme instills great laughter from his following. Always giving great laughs, and fully believing, “It’s true. It’s true.”

The Mother Land – tradition of the following: overpopulation, wall to wall people, poverty, biggest corruption on the planet, “way less than ideal” everywhere, air pollution – DDT smog throughout the countryside, water pollution, chaotic, no doubt lots of incest.

Gurus, if you’re so superior, why is your home base such crap? You want to bring that junk over here and turn the west into that? Go back to your home country and clean it up. Then we might listen to you. But you’ve got to clean up your home base first. Your foundation stinks.

Moron Eyes

It’s not autism. It’s not Down’s Syndrome. And it’s not Asperger’s (Sounds like ass burgers). It’s morons! It’s incest and they’re morons. I’ve seen talk show hosts with moron eyes. Back in 2006/2007. They don’t have a governor, like a governor on a car. They don’t know when to stop. No conscience? Yes, varying degrees of “no conscience.”

You can’t hide your moron eyes.

Who’s to blame? Human’s should know better than this, know better than to commit incest. In nature, if mothers reject their newborns, then the whole group of those animals rejects them. Have I seen it? No, ask wildlife people. Domesticated animals may not count.

It may sound harsh, but on the other hand, as humans we can go to the Source, talk to Creation about it, and ask our spirits about it for more incites. As a prayer, you could say something to the effect, “Creation, this person belongs to you. I acknowledge that. Humans have to learn from their mistakes.” Or whatever you want to say, talk to Creation about it, talk to your spirit.

What other characteristics are indications of morons? Round heads. Big noses? No chin. Are all these caused by incest or are there other causes for these results.

Some of the most insidious possible indications of incest however could be things unseen to the eye: A massive ego base, psychic abilities, the ability to read minds, see the future, dynamic overbearing (some would say pompous ass) personalities controlling or leading whole groups of people. Could be devastating. And the overpopulation continues, the “way less than ideal” continues, the cast system, the poverty, the corruption, with the blessings of these gurus, “There is no problem. Everything’s fine.” And his number one son has a round head.

Go back to your beloved superior motherland. We don’t need that crap here.

Moses, Barabbas, King Richard the Lionhearted, Lion-man.

Bring back the Boston Rag
Tell all your buddies
That it ain’t no drag
Bring back the Boston Rag

Boston Rag – Steely Dan


Now they lay, his body down
Sad old men, who run this town
I still recall the way he led the charge and saved the day
Blue blood and rain
I can hear, the bugle playin’

We’ve seen the last of good, King Richard
Ring out the past, his name lives on and on
Roll out the bones and raise up your pitcher
Raise up your glass to good King John (uh-huh)

While he plundered, far and wide
All his starving, children cried
And though we, sung his fame
We all went hungry, just the same
He meant to shine
To the end of the line

We’ve seen the last of good, King Richard
Ring out the past, his name lives on and on
Roll out the bones and raise up your pitcher
Raise up your glass to good King John

And though we, sung his fame
We all went hungry, just the same
He meant to shine
To the end of the line

We’ve seen the last of good, King Richard
Ring out the past, his name lives on and on
Roll out the bones and raise up your pitcher
Raise up your glass to good King John

Raise up your glass to good King John
Raise up your glass to good King John

Kings – Steely Dan, 1972


Revelations II

T-shirt idea


Congress: Bribery is our Business.

Let’s make a deal!

Congress has proved, democracy does not work. Democracy is a man-made law and man-made laws always lead to pain, misery, suffering, sorrows, etc, things like that, evils (“misunderstanding and misuse”).

Man-made laws are not ordained on high. Let me explain:

T-shirt idea


Alfred E. Newman is my president

Yes, but who is your emperor?


23:33 Jmmanuel asked in return, “Whose law are you thinking about? Are you thinking about the law of the emperor, the law of god or the law of Creation?”

Conflict can temper the steel, but once tempered it’ doesn’t need anymore, it can do what it’s made for.

Julius Caesar knew conflict, but given time he could jhave shown what an emperor can do. Like the prophets he was murdered largely from envy and hatred.

He would have done well to see how the successful emperorships of the orient were so good at it.


Around the turn of last century 1900, the Tzar of Russia (The Tzar also of surrounding countries, The Russian Empire) gave 80% of the farmland to the peasants turning them from hopeless serfs to farmers owning their own land. If the Tzar meant to inspire his people, he did a good job of it (at that time.) They were elevated. It reflected in all the workers, Russia, Ukraine, and all those countries. They were all inspired to produce. They were naturally good workers and prosperity was everywhere. Russia became the largest producer in the world of commodities including copper, wheat, corn, oats, lumber, other metals, and other commodities, all kinds of resources. But the other surrounding countries were producing as well for their sizes. Ukraine had a millions of hard working farmers.

This did not sit well with the Zionists who very much were intent on putting an end to this prosperity of these “run amuck countries” by planning wars and other mayhem, and the Zionists were quite successful.

Envy and hatred led the way: “Those upstart countries! Who do they think they are? We didn’t say they could have prosperity. We don’t have any control of it! How dare they!” Russia, Ukraine and all those prosperous countries had to be quashed, according to the Zionists.

Jacob Shiff, a Zionist (and $20 million a lot of money back in 1917) fronted as the founder of the invasion of communism into Russia, Ukraine and all those countries. And that was the start of the most evil communism the world has ever seen, that, and Mao murdering his own people, mostly little girls. (More on that, later.)

1914 WWI

Prior to WWI, Austria-Hungary was a dual monarchy, a dual kingship. When Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia, the Russian Empire amassed troops along Austria-Hungary to help protect Serbia.

The German Empire was a very close friend with the German-speaking Austrian people, so Germany warned Russia to “Back off!” When Russia did not back off, WWI started.

I’m sure the Czar of Russia saw his blunder after the fact. Germany could easily conclude, “This is a power grab by Russia to take more land, namely Austria-Hungary. This was a big threat to Germany. And Germany and Austria were very close friends, spoke the same language.

This would have been better: “Serbia, I understand we have a pact, an alliance with you, but my duty as emperor of the Russian empire is guardian and protector of the people. I’ll do what I can to support you Serbia, but I cannot amass troops along the Austria-Hungary border for the sake of Serbia as that would likely lead to world war, and that is not in the best interests of the Russian people. Serbia, I wish you the best. I know that Austria-Hungary is a dual kingship, but at least half of it is under the emperorship of Germany. Good luck.”

An empire can have many kingdoms within it; the emperor rules the entire empire while kings (or queens) rule smaller kingdoms within the empire. While the king (like the regional manager) has total control over his territory, the emperor (like the CEO) is the one who makes the final decision for the entire region.

This discourse did not occur. Russian troops were sent and subsequently threatened Austria-Hungary which threatened Germany. WWI began and quickly the Czar fell out of favor with the Russian people.

When the Czar of Russia became more in disfavor with the people of Russia as WWI drudged on, The Bolsheviks/Mensheviks found easy pickings to take over the Russian Empire.

1917 Communism

There are different types of communism. Some can be less harsh than others, but the first one in 1917, the one warned about, that was the most evil of all.

The Jews ran the Soviet Union. Vladimir Putin and others have commented that 85% of the Soviet Union was run by Jews. Perhaps more accurately, the Zionists ran the Soviet Union.

Vladimir Lenin was a Jew, and a Zionist stooge. Vladimir Lenin spoke Yiddish and surrounded himself by Jews. Lenin’s four lieutenants were Jews, and Zionist stooges: Trotsky, Kominov, Ziminov, and Swerdlow.

To be continued


The Danzig Corridor

To be continued

Stalin was a Jew, changed his name from Dzhugashvili (Jewgesveely which means “son of Jewess”) to naming himself Stalin which means “steel.” Stalin surrounded himself with Jews, all around him. Stalin’s advisors were Jews. Stalin married 3 Jewish women. And Stalin’s advisors were telling him, “Oh, they love you Joseph, they love you!” All his people love him – that’s what they were telling him. And Joseph was quite happy hearing it, he was quite happy with that. Ever see that profile picture of Stalin proudly looking into the distance?

To be continued.