Revelations II

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Congress: Bribery is our Business.

Let’s make a deal!

Congress has proved, democracy does not work. Democracy is a man-made law and man-made laws always lead to pain, misery, suffering, sorrows, etc, things like that, evils (“misunderstanding and misuse”).

Man-made laws are not ordained on high. Let me explain:

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Alfred E. Newman is my president

Yes, but who is your emperor?


23:33 Jmmanuel asked in return, “Whose law are you thinking about? Are you thinking about the law of the emperor, the law of god or the law of Creation?”

Conflict can temper the steel, but once tempered it’ doesn’t need anymore, it can do what it’s made for.

Julius Caesar knew conflict, but given time he could jhave shown what an emperor can do. Like the prophets he was murdered largely from envy and hatred.

He would have done well to see how the successful emperorships of the orient were so good at it.


Around the turn of last century 1900, the Tzar of Russia (The Tzar also of surrounding countries, The Russian Empire) gave 80% of the farmland to the peasants turning them from hopeless serfs to farmers owning their own land. If the Tzar meant to inspire his people, he did a good job of it (at that time.) They were elevated. It reflected in all the workers, Russia, Ukraine, and all those countries. They were all inspired to produce. They were naturally good workers and prosperity was everywhere. Russia became the largest producer in the world of commodities including copper, wheat, corn, oats, lumber, other metals, and other commodities, all kinds of resources. But the other surrounding countries were producing as well for their sizes. Ukraine had a millions of hard working farmers.

This did not sit well with the Zionists who very much were intent on putting an end to this prosperity of these “run amuck countries” by planning wars and other mayhem, and the Zionists were quite successful.

Envy and hatred led the way: “Those upstart countries! Who do they think they are? We didn’t say they could have prosperity. We don’t have any control of it! How dare they!” Russia, Ukraine and all those prosperous countries had to be quashed, according to the Zionists.

Jacob Shiff, a Zionist (and $20 million a lot of money back in 1917) fronted as the founder of the invasion of communism into Russia, Ukraine and all those countries. And that was the start of the most evil communism the world has ever seen, that, and Mao murdering his own people, mostly little girls. (More on that, later.)

1914 WWI

Prior to WWI, Austria-Hungary was a dual monarchy, a dual kingship. When Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia, the Russian Empire amassed troops along Austria-Hungary to help protect Serbia.

The German Empire was a very close friend with the German-speaking Austrian people, so Germany warned Russia to “Back off!” When Russia did not back off, WWI started.

I’m sure the Czar of Russia saw his blunder after the fact. Germany could easily conclude, “This is a power grab by Russia to take more land, namely Austria-Hungary. This was a big threat to Germany. And Germany and Austria were very close friends, spoke the same language.

This would have been better: “Serbia, I understand we have a pact, an alliance with you, but my duty as emperor of the Russian empire is guardian and protector of the people. I’ll do what I can to support you Serbia, but I cannot amass troops along the Austria-Hungary border for the sake of Serbia as that would likely lead to world war, and that is not in the best interests of the Russian people. Serbia, I wish you the best. I know that Austria-Hungary is a dual kingship, but at least half of it is under the emperorship of Germany. Good luck.”

An empire can have many kingdoms within it; the emperor rules the entire empire while kings (or queens) rule smaller kingdoms within the empire. While the king (like the regional manager) has total control over his territory, the emperor (like the CEO) is the one who makes the final decision for the entire region.

This discourse did not occur. Russian troops were sent and subsequently threatened Austria-Hungary which threatened Germany. WWI began and quickly the Czar fell out of favor with the Russian people.

When the Czar of Russia became more in disfavor with the people of Russia as WWI drudged on, The Bolsheviks/Mensheviks found easy pickings to take over the Russian Empire.

1917 Communism

There are different types of communism. Some can be less harsh than others, but the first one in 1917, the one warned about, that was the most evil of all.

The Jews ran the Soviet Union. Vladimir Putin and others have commented that 85% of the Soviet Union was run by Jews. Perhaps more accurately, the Zionists ran the Soviet Union.

Vladimir Lenin was a Jew, and a Zionist stooge. Vladimir Lenin spoke Yiddish and surrounded himself by Jews. Lenin’s four lieutenants were Jews, and Zionist stooges: Trotsky, Kominov, Ziminov, and Swerdlow.

To be continued


The Danzig Corridor

To be continued

Stalin was a Jew, changed his name from Dzhugashvili (Jewgesveely which means “son of Jewess”) to naming himself Stalin which means “steel.” Stalin surrounded himself with Jews, all around him. Stalin’s advisors were Jews. Stalin married 3 Jewish women. And Stalin’s advisors were telling him, “Oh, they love you Joseph, they love you!” All his people love him – that’s what they were telling him. And Joseph was quite happy hearing it, he was quite happy with that. Ever see that profile picture of Stalin proudly looking into the distance?

To be continued.