In the mornin’ you go gunnin’ for the man who stole your water
And you fire ’til he is done in but they catch you at the border
And the mourners are all sangin’ as they drag you by your feet
But the hangman isn’t hangin’ and they put you on the street*

You go back, Jack, do it again, wheel turnin’ ’round and ’round
You go back, Jack, do it again

Another valid meaning to these lyrics is, a guy gets drafted and goes to Nam. While he’s fighting for his life, his girl back home gets knocked- up by some draft dodger who flees across the border to Canada. The woman has the baby. (Her water breaks.) “the man who stole your water”

Everything Must Go – Song by Steely Dan

It’s high time for a walk on the real side
Let’s admit the bastards beat us
I move to dissolve the corporation
In a pool of margaritas
So let’s switch off all the lights
Light up all the Luckies
Crankin’ up the afterglow
‘Cause we’re goin’ out of business
Everything must go

Talk about your major pain and suffering
Now our self-esteem is shattered
Show the world a mighty hidey-ho face
As we go sliding down the ladder
It was sweet up at the top
‘Til that ill wind started blowing
Now it’s cozy down below
‘Cause we’re goin’ out of business
Everything must go

We gave it our best shot
But keep in mind we got a lot
The sky, the moon, good food and the weather
First-run movies—does anybody get lucky twice?
Wouldn’t it be nice…

Tell me can you dig it Miss Fugazy
Now it’s gone from late to later
Frankly I could use a little face time
In the service elevator
And if Dave from Acquisitions
Wants to get in on the action
With his Handicam in tow
Well we’re goin’ out of business
Everything must go

Can it be the sorry sun is rising
Guess it’s time for us to book it(to book it)
Talk about the famous road not taken
In the end we never took it
And if somewhere on the way
We got a few good licks in
No one’s ever gonna know
‘Cause we’re goin’ out of business
Everything must go

*Story has it, Mary wanted to throw “baby Jesus” into the river.

*Can’t Buy A Thrill – Great album to discover how all people felt (those abroad and those at home) during Vietnam.

Other bands too. Pickin’ on Steely Dan? Go ahead, find others.

Refrain from quoting scriptures. Put it in your own words.

1960 – Happened, wasn’t supposed to.

1960 – Supposed to happen, didn’t.

1960 – Happened, wasn’t supposed to
Police Cruiser
The Right To Travel

By 1915 in every state of The Union a Motor Vehicle Code was in place. From the beginning, each and every state’s Motor Vehicle Code had multiple references to both “automobile” and “motor vehicle”. There is a reason for that. Automobile is in the same category as horsedrawn carriage, and wagon.

A “motor vehicle” is a commercial vehicle. Companies don’t have rights. This issue was settled back in 1915 in every state. Motor Vehicle Code applies to commercial vehicles. For companies, it is a privilege to drive on the roads. Motor Vehicle Code does not apply to an individual’s right to travel. Right to travel is a Constitutional Right afforded to drivers of automobiles. Automobiles are not subject to Motor Vehicle Code.

If a traffic ticket is issued to a driver of an automobile, but based on Motor Vehicle Code, that is fraud. Fraud is a felony. Forcing payment of that ticket at gunpoint is extortion, another felony. They have been doing it in a pattern now for quite a while. “In a pattern,” that’s racketeering, another felony. Each ticket given to the driver of an automobile but based on Motor Vehicle Code represents 3 felonies committed. 10 years statute of limitations on each of those felonies.

If they follow through and arrest the person, that is kidnapping, you guessed it, another felony. If they impound the automobile, how is that not grand theft auto, another felony? The old days, horse thieves got hanged….. Mail fraud is another felony.

Not just police officers issuing the tickets, the courts are probably more responsible for these tickets being issued. Kind of the ring leaders of the racket.

How this came about

20’s 30’s 40’s and 50’s old movies. The old movies were/are fiction. They portrayed fictional police officers asking things like, “Let me see your driver’s license,” to automobile drivers. This started in the 1920’s, into the 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s. In 1960 all states decided, “Well, let’s just give them all tickets, commercial or not.” That’s what happened.

Midnight Cruiser – song by Steely Dan 1972

Felonious my old friend
Step on in and let me shake your hand
So glad that you’re here again
For one more time
Let your madness run with mine
Streets still unseen we’ll find somehow
No time is better than now

Tell me where are you driving
Midnight cruiser
Where is your bounty
Of fortune and fame
I am another
Gentlemen loser
Drive me to Harlem
Or somewhere the same

The world that we used to know
People tell me it don’t turn no more
The places we used to go
Familiar faces that ain’t smilin’ like before
The time of our time has come and gone
I fear we been waiting too long

Tell me where are you driving
Midnight cruiser
Where is your bounty
Of fortune and fame
I am another
Gentlemen loser
Drive me to Harlem
Or somewhere the same

Just a few examples of law

The right to travel interstate by auto vehicle upon the public highways may be a privilege or immunity of citizens of the United States. Compare Crandall v. Nevada, 6 Wall. 35. A citizen may have, under the Fourteenth Amendment, the right to travel and transport his property upon them by auto vehicle. But he has no right to make the highways his place of business by using them as a common carrier for hire. Such use is a privilege which may be granted or withheld by the state in its discretion, without violating either the due process clause or the equal protection clause. Packard v. Banton, 264 U.S. 140, 144[.]”

See Buck v. Kuykendall, 267 U.S. 307, 314 (1925).

“It will be observed that . . . a highway, within the contemplation of the act, is, “Every way or place of whatever nature open as a matter of right to the use of the public for the purposes of vehicular travel.” There can be no question but that this definition is broad enough to include streets in incorporated cities, because they are open as a matter of right to the use of the public for the purposes of vehicular travel.”

See Neeley v. Bock, 184 Wash. 135, 140, 50 P.2d 524 (1935).

These things are “public highways”:

Revised Code of Washington (“RCW”) 46.04.020 Alley. “Alley” means a public highway not designed for general travel and used primarily as a means of access to the rear of residences and business establishments.

RCW 46.04.030 Arterial highway. “Arterial highway” means every public highway, or portion thereof, designated as such by proper authority.

RCW 46.04.110 Center of intersection. “Center of intersection” means the point of intersection of the center lines of the roadway of intersecting public highways.

RCW 46.04.120 City street. “City street” means every public highway, or part thereof located within the limits of cities and towns, except alleys.

RCW 46.04.150 County road. “County road” means every public highway or part thereof, outside the limits of cities and towns and which has not been designated as a state highway.

“Public highways” are open as a matter of right:

RCW 46.09.020 Definitions. As used in this chapter the following words and phrases have the designated meanings unless a different meaning is expressly provided or the context otherwise clearly indicates:
          “Highway,” for the purpose of this chapter only, means the entire width between the boundary lines of every way publicly maintained by the state department of transportation or any county or city when any part thereof is generally open to the use of the public for purposes of vehicular travel as a matter of right.

RCW 46.10.010 Definitions. As used in this chapter the words and phrases in this section shall have the designated meanings unless a different meaning is expressly provided or the context otherwise clearly indicated.-
          (6) “Public roadway” shall mean the entire width of the right of way of any road or street designed and ordinarily used for travel or parking of motor vehicles, which is controlled by a public authority other than the Washington state department of transportation, and which is open as a matter of right to the general public for ordinary vehicular traffic.

Some other states:

Arizona – § 42 5062(A): 5. “Public highway” means any way or place in this state that is constructed or maintained with public monies and that is open to use by the public as a matter of right for the purpose of vehicular travel, including a highway under construction.

Colorado – § 33-14-101. Definitions. As used in this article, unless the context otherwise requires:
          (12) “Street”, “road”, “freeway”, or “highway” means the entire right-of-way between boundary lines of any of such public ways when any part thereof is open to the use of the public as a matter of right for the purpose of motor vehicle travel.

Colorado – § 155-3. Definitions. [Amended 7-16-96, Ord. 96-12] As used in this Article, the following terms shall have the meanings indicated:
          “PUBLIC RIGHT-OF-WAY” All streets, roadways, sidewalks, alleys and all other areas reserved for present or future use by the public as a matter of right for the purpose of vehicular or pedestrian travel, utility installation and for snow storage by the Town of Frisco. [Amended 5-2-1989 by Ord. No. 89-16]

Colorado – § 17-5-30. Definitions. Unless specifically stated otherwise, the following words have the following definitions in this Article:
          Street, road, or highway means the entire width between the boundary lines of every way publicly maintained when any part thereon is open to the use of the public for purposes of vehicular travel, or the entire width of every way declared to be to be a public street, road, or highway by any law of the State of Colorado, including, but not limited to, the area intended for pedestrian travel, such as a sidewalk.

Delaware – Title 21, Part I, Ch.1 General Provisions, § 101. Words and phrases. For the purposes of this title, unless the context otherwise clearly indicates:
          (22) “Highway” means the entire width between boundary lines of every way or place of whatever nature open to the use of the public as a matter of right for purposes of vehicular travel, but does not include a road or driveway upon grounds owned by private persons, colleges, universities or other institutions.

Florida § 633.021 Definitions.–As used in this chapter:
          (12) “Highway” means every way or place of whatever nature within the state open to the use of the public, as a matter of right, for purposes of vehicular traffic and includes public streets, alleys, roadways, or driveways upon grounds of colleges, universities, and institutions and other ways open to travel by the public, notwithstanding that the same have been temporarily closed for the purpose of construction, reconstruction, maintenance, or repair. The term does not include a roadway or driveway upon grounds owned by a private person.

Iowa § 321G.1 Definitions. As used in this chapter, unless the context otherwise requires:
          20. “Street” or “highway” means the entire width between property lines of every way or place of whatever nature when any part thereof is open to the use of the public, as a matter of right, for purposes of vehicular travel, except in public areas in which the boundary shall be thirty-three feet each side of the center line of the roadway. [C71, 73, 75, 77, 79, 81, § 321G.1; 81 Acts, ch 113, § 2]

Idaho – § 49.301(13) Street or Highway — Street or Highway means the entire width between property lines of every way or place of whatever nature when any part thereof is open to the use of the public, as a matter of right for purposes of vehicular traffic.

Idaho – § 63-2401. Definitions. In this chapter:
          (11) “Highways” means every place of whatever nature open to the use of the public as a matter of right for the purpose of vehicular travel which is maintained by the state of Idaho or an agency or taxing subdivision or unit thereof or the federal government or an agency or instrumentality thereof. Provided, however, if the cost of maintaining a roadway is primarily borne by a special fuels user who operates motor vehicles on that roadway pursuant to a written contract during any period of time that a special fuels tax liability accrues to the user, such a roadway shall not be considered a “highway” for any purpose related to calculating that user’s special fuels’ tax liability or refund.

Minnesota § 169.01 Definitions. Subd. 29. Street or highway. “Street or highway” means the entire width between boundary lines of any way or place when any part thereof is open to the use of the public, as a matter of right, for the purposes of vehicular traffic.

Rock and a hard place, huh?

1960 – Supposed to happen, didn’t
Miracle of Fatima Research 2011 to 2018

In 1917 Communism was just starting and was posing a big threat to the planet. Also in 1917, three shepherd children were visited by “Our Lady of Fatima”,”the virgin Mary.” The first two messages from Our Lady of Fatima were to be released immediately, and they were released immediately, they were specifically addressing the threat of communism, and that it must be stopped. It was imperative that these two messages extolling the threat of communism be unloosed to the whole world straightaway, which they were.

The 3rd message from Our Lady of Fatima was to be emancipated to the whole world by no later than 1960. That never happened, and you’ll see why.

Lucia was the oldest child of the 3 children. The next oldest was 3 years younger than Lucia, at least, as I recall. Lucia was 12 years old I believe and the next oldest was 9 or 7. 3 or 5 years difference between Lucia and the next oldest child.

My theory is that Lucia was already doing a good job of “handling” the younger children with Catholic doctrine, so she was naturally put off by the 3rd message from Our Lady of Fatima, but which the 2 younger children found fascinating.

It was such big news, how could they not share it? And our Lady of Fatima wants us to share it, so we should share it now. “But Our Lady says, ‘THE CATHOLIC CHURCH IS TO BE NO MORE.’ and we have to tell everybody. Why should we wait till 1960? It’s such big news! Wow!”

The two youngest children might have been killed immediately, or maybe it was 3 weeks, but either way, the Catholic church said it was influenza. If the 2 youngest were killed immediately, then they kept it quiet for 2 or 3 weeks and announced that the 2 younger children contracted influenza and died. That was the story the Catholic Church said, that they died of influenza. But it was so soon after.

There was great controversy about those 2 younger children dying so soon after. Huge controversy of how quickly they died. It was a big issue. Something was fishy and a lot of people knew it.

Meanwhile Lucia was “handled” by the most persuasive of the Catholic Church, and they did a good job of it, and she became a nun. Lucia became sister Lucia, and she digested such prodigious attention. (You can tell I’m using a thesaurus.) Oh yeah, she ate it up.

A caller to a radio talk show was excited to tell people that someone he knew personally had a conversation with sister Lucia at the airport and during the rush he asked her, “Sister Lucia, is the 3rd message that the Catholic Church is to be no more?” And sister Lucia quickly turned around, smiling and shaking her head to the affirmative, her movements excitedly saying, “Yes, yes, that is the message!” She felt so good she was able to tell somebody. She wasn’t telling the whole world, but she was telling somebody and that felt good. And it was such a wonderfully intriguing situation she was involved in. How exciting!

So the 3rd message of Our Lady of Fatima which was supposed to be revealed to the whole world by no later than 1960 was, 


And of course, that was never announced to the whole world as Our Lady of Fatima said it be. Instead they created Vatican 2.0.

Note: So much of the internet has changed from the research I’ve done since 2010. A lot of things I just can’t find or things have been changed., especially with youtube. The above “The Miracle of Fatima” research was what I was finding at that time. Does it make logical sense?.

I miss a payment on domain registration, the site goes down, content is gone forever. I buy the domain back, then the research information is different, altered history.


I once said to myself, “I need her about as much as I need a hole in my head.” The next day or two I got a quarter with a hole in its head.

An Indian chief once said of George Washington, “A bullet will not kill this man.” The quarter has a hole in its head. Sorry George. Man-made laws, including democracy, lead to misery, pain, murder, mayhem, suffering, sorrow, and such…..

Five nights without a bite
No place to lay his head

And if nobody takes him in
He’ll soon be dead

and another one, or one-and-the-same,

Then you love a little wild one and she brings you only sorrow
All the time you know she’s smilin’ you’ll be on your knees tomorrow, yeah

Well, I did not think the girl
Could be so cruel
And I’m never going back
To my old school

Cruel, that’s another result. As much as any and all people may want to make it work, democracy is a man-made law, that can only lead to misery, pain, suffering, murder, death, mayhem, on and on and on.

23:37 “The highest command of the laws of the emperor is: You shall be obedient to the emperor, follow his laws and give to him the tithe, because he is the ruler over the people and their guardian and protector.

One empire comes to mind that has maintained good form to this day, serving its people well in prosperity. It has weathered many a heavy storm and faired well. That empire continues to this day, though it may be slightly put off by my directing attention it’s way, as good empires shy away from the limelight and are simply happy and content with their empire and friends. (Chapters 5 and 6)

Japan Never Surrendered

To the Japanese people surrender was an egregious dishonor. They despised the allies for surrendering when captured. To the Japanese, they would rather die than surrender and such a dishonor. Look at the kamikazes. (I’m not advocating self-destruction or suicide.) Dishonor was disgraceful. A good empire includes everybody and involves everybody.

Who’s going to die for their country rather than surrender when their country is a bunch of crooked politicians who even the bodyguards despise?

But if you look at western media, which is the biggest propaganda lies in the world, Zionist media, they outright lie again, “Japan Surrenders.”

Japan would NOT sign a surrender. They signed a document, but it was not a document of surrender.

The emperor of Japan referred to the occupying allies as “our guests.”

The documentation proving JAPAN NEVER SURRENDERED(!) was incinerated in the Presidio incinerator at the Presidio military base in San Francisco in the 1980’s. All the valuable historical military documents going back to the Spanish American War were incinerated. All of them?

After WWII ended, occupation of how many countries by the allied forces? Was it 50? WWII ended with the military occupation of 50* countries by the stooges of Zion, the allied forces. WWII ends and the allies impose martial law in 50 countries. Isn’t democracy wonderful?… For the Zionists!

*Maybe I’m a little over the mark with 50, but let’s just pull a few from the Soviet Union which Roosevelt (FDR) funded with billions of dollars to the communist regime, Uncle Joe, Joseph Stalin who murdered/starved to death between 3 and 10 million* white people in Ukraine alone of the Soviet Union before WWII even started,) , Roosevelt under the wonderfulness of democracy, during WWII, gave billions of dollars to Joseph Stalin to fight against the emperor (empire) of Germany and against the empire of Japan.

I request of Japan and anyone else: Don’t eat the dolphins and whales. They are self-aware beings. And no cannibalism no matter how evil the enemy may be.

*Archival history, Germany kept meticulous records. It seems to me, others have good accurate records on Ukraine and other countries as well.

Ref. Real videos of archival historian, David Irving lectures (if you can find them.) Ref. David Irving books.

I found one, David Irving – History is Politics and ‘Free Speech Comes With a Price’ (Hurry before they take it down.)

I know this to be true: Truth is happiness, Wisdom is happiness; When people put lies as the only truth, that’s an unhappy country or peoples or what have you.

Personal responsibility is going to save the day. God helps those who help themselves.

Channel clearing. Channel dynamics.

Individual point(s) various channels is another technique.

T-shirt idea


The cure is inside you.


Learn self-acupuncture and see how wonderful Creation really is

The following is a simple technique to try, see how it does: One channel, both hand and foot. Example: Tai Yang channel (or Tai Yin channel.)

God is a god.

God is a god. God’s name means king of wisdom in his language. More at “Terminology is Important.”

There are no atheists in foxholes.

I call on my spirit within me and God above me.

The Real Third Secret of Fatima

Apostasy, yes. The announcement was supposed to be made by 1960. (Why has the information changed on so much of whats on the internet?)

Story Goes,

Peter drew his sword and attacked one of the henchmen. Does this make logical sense?

28:27 And behold, one of the henchmen pondered, had a quick change of mind and joined Jmmanuel, because he felt remorse.

28:28 He stretched out his hand, pulled out his sword, and hit a servant of a chief priest, cutting off his ear.

28:29 Then Jmmanuel said to the man, “Put your sword back into its sheath, because those who take a sword without need will perish by the sword.

28:30 “Or do you think that I could not have fled before your group arrived?

28:31 “But how could I fulfill my destiny if I had done so?”

28:32 And the man turned away crying, fled and was never seen again.

28:67 Peter had followed Jmmanuel and the group, and hid among the people who looked through the doors and windows. Thus he saw what was done to Jmmanuel.

28:68 Then a maid came up to him and said, “Aren’t you one of the disciples of this Jmmanuel from Galilee?”

Chapter 29
The Denial of Peter

29:1 When Peter was asked by the maid, he denied it and said, “What kind of nonsense do you accuse me of? I don’t know what you are saying.”

29:2 But because of the maid’s question, he was fearful and wanted to escape from there, because he was afraid for his life.

29:3 When he went out the door, another woman saw him and said to the people, “This man, too, was together with the blasphemer from Nazareth.”

29:4 But Peter lied a second time, raised his hand to swear and said, “Truly, I don’t know this confused person!”

29:5 And when Peter left the house, those who had been standing there came up to him, saying, “Aren’t you one of those who serve this Jmmanuel? You are giving yourself away through your speech.”

29:6 Peter started to revile Jmmanuel, cursed himself and swore, “I don’t know this crazy person nor his blasphemous teachings of god!”

29:7 Soon thereafter a rooster crowed three times and Peter thought of the words of Jmmanuel, and he hurriedly ran away and cried bitterly.

27:45-46 “Truly, I say to you: Just as you do not understand my words now and are angry with me because of them, so will you be angry with me tonight, because your minds still have not been enlightened.

27:47 “But when I apparently rise from the dead, from my near-death out of the tomb, I will walk in front of you to Galilee, so that you may recognize the truth of my words.

27:48 “I have taught you knowledge and truth, but you doubt and don’t trust me.

27:49 “Oh you who are fainthearted and of little trust, how startled and confused you will be, when I meet you again after having appeared to be dead.”

27:50 But Peter answered him, “Even if they all were angry with you, I would never be angry.”

27:51 However, Jmmanuel replied, “Truly, I say to you: You are one of the worst, because tonight before the rooster crows you will deny me three times.”

27:52 But Peter contradicted him, saying, “This will never come about, and even if I had to die with you, I would never deny you.”

27:53 All of his disciples agreed and did not trust the words of Jmmanuel.


Knowledge and wisdom of the parents. When is childhood over? 17?

A father said to his son altogether dejectedly, “No matter how good you are at something there’s always somebody better.” Good, I want someone wise than me.